Cooking with Rice: Easy and Delicious

When you look into your pantry and see that all of the ingredients you are used to seeing have been depleted, and instead find bucket after bucket of rice, do not worry; you still have plenty of options for tonight's dining experience.

We, the Rice Divas, are experienced small business owners (we run the business of a family, so we decided long ago that “small business owner” is the correct title for our line of work; don't even try and call us house-wives) who have spend much time in the kitchen trying to create delightfully tasty concoctions for our family members while still staying on a budget. Rice is the key to doing this, because rice is affordable and an be a very versatile ingredient when working in the kitchen. If the right spices are added, and the correct cooking techniques utilized, you will be able to create entrees that your family will beg you to make again and again.

Uncooked White Rice

Cooking Techniques

Most women (and men; we know you can cook, too) think that the only way to cook rice is by tossing it in a rice cooker, adding water, and then serving it straight from the aluminum can. Although this is a valid cooking method, it is boring! The Rice Divas are not about to let you bore your family with the food you make, and encourage you to keep reading to find new ways to cook your rice.

Bowl of Rice with Mixed Vegetables

Meals with Rice

There are recipes all over the Internet that can tell you how to make an entire dish with rice (such as fried rice with eggs, meat, and a vegetable), but variety is the spice of life, and there are many different dishes you can make that will surprise and please those who eat them. Keep reading to learn about the recipes that are easy to make, but still pack a punch in the taste department.

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